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  • Seeking Dynamik-er(s)

    I have website work for someone(s). If this is not the place, forgive me in advance. It's just that this request is so Dynamik specific.

    The work...
    I'm building sites (Genesis/Dynamik or other Genesis childs with Extender) for a customer's customers. Yeah, they've referred about 15 over the last 3 months. And they want to increase that rate. I'm starting from the default skin, sometimes using purchased skins and sometimes free skins (thank you @SiGa!) and working them into unique sites for a particular industry. (...and sometimes using child themes with Extender). That plus my existing business is causing me to miss deadlines. I'm seeking a Dynamik-er who knows his/her way around and has put up more than one (many) sites and is willing to work behind the scenes while I do the design interviews and delivery (at least for now). And my share of sites too.

    It's currently taking me about 4 hours per site of actual site work plus additional customer interface time. I'm getting paid by the site plus special request work too.

    We'll schedule everything and set up standard process so that we can stay busy and stay sane too.

    I'd also like to set up demos of the final skins/childs we develop for future referrals. That way, we have a library from which we can grab skins and deliver custom sites to this customer's customers.
    I'm using the same content for the demos so it's a matter of duplicating the site, uploading the skin, adjusting the skin, the menus and widgets and sometimes plugins. It's taking me about an hour per demo.

    Oh, did I mention Custom Post Types and ACF? The sites leverage ACF and WP All Import and Uber Menu or JC Menu and a custom plugin I've had my hand in to deliver synced content from the customer's storefront. So you at least need not be afraid of page templates, ACF and Uber Menu.

    It seems like it might be a good way to fill in the gaps. If you agree, please send pm and skype handle.

    : DJN

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    Hello nickjam,
    I am an experienced and talented website designer and programmer. I am an expert with Dynamik.
    I am available for hire at a very reasonable rate.
    Robert tel no. 915-777-6550