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Awesome Header plugin great for Genesis & Dynamik.

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  • Awesome Header plugin great for Genesis & Dynamik.

    I love Dynamik but changing the header from the default layout is a big pain in the rear. I got this great new plugin off of the plugin is called "Awesome Header".

    I installed the plugin and now customizing my header and navbars is as simple as point and click. Lot's of options for cool new layouts for your header, center logo, logo right and other cool things.

    The plugin also has hookboxes to expand what you can do with it.

    One thing about the plugin is that you need at least PHP 5.4 or higher on your server or activating the plugin will give you the white screen of death. Also be sure to have at least one menu created in WordPress.

    I already used this on a couple websites and I like the plugin a lot.

    This is not my plugin I am helping the developer beta test and suggesting improvements. I bought the plugin myself.

    If you want to check this plugin out or buy this plugin you can help me out a bit by using my affiliate link.



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    Any issues with the sub menus or fly outs being covered by content?

    Have you tried this with Beaver Builder?



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      Hi Robert,

      I purchased this plugin but I'm unable to integrate it properly with DWB. I figured out that I can paste the <?php awesomeheader(); ?> in the Dynamik Custom functions but I get the white screen as your write about. However! my server is PHP 5.59 on websynthesis. I have no idea why this would happen.

      If you could share how you're integrating DWB + Genesis + Awesome header that would great I'm also use Beaver Builder, not sure if that matters.


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        Sorry for the late response lot of work these days.

        Create a custom hook box give it a name example: awesomeheader

        located at: genesis_before_header

        Place this code in the hookbox

        <?php awesomeheader(); ?>

        Save your hook box!

        Place this CSS code into your custom CSS.

        .site-header {
        display: none !important;

        .sticky {
        padding: 0px !important;

        .asmh-header .primary > ul > form input {
        outline: none !important;

        .asmh-header .primary > ul > form {
        border: 1px solid #FFFFFF !important;
        border-radius: 4px !important;
        margin-left: 5px !important;

        This works for me, enjoy!

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          It works for me too, Robert. Thanks!


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            Hey Robert - I'm making a landing page and I'm not able to remove this header from the page template. I'm using this: remove_action( 'genesis_before_header', 'awesomeheader' ); but it still shows up. I'm able to remove the footers and all other page elements except this one. Any ideas how I could remove this from a custom page template?



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              Hey Robert, trying this plugin out today and struggling to get the header background transparent. Any luck on your end with this?


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                Download the latest version, it has opacity settings in the extras tab.


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                  Hi Robert,
                  Thanks for the recommendation on this - I purchased it a while ago, and trying it now for the first time - I'm using the latest of everything - but all I'm seeing is the site title/tagline and menu items all in text left aligned in the header area !
                  I'm obviously missing something obvious - I've triple checked your instructions in post #4
                  I had Beaver Builder Plugin Pro installed initially, but I disabled that, but no difference.
                  Any thoughts?
                  TIA, Dave


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                    Dave, are you working on a local installation of WordPress? This happens with, Bitnami, InstantWP, etc... I communicated this problem with the developer, he told me that local installs that use the .dev work correctly. I asked him to correct this for Bitnami, etc.. Also are you sure you have created a menu and assigned it in Awesome Header?


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                      Thanks Robert, Yes it is on a local Windows WAMP - I'll try it on a live site....
                      Appreciate that, Dave


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                        I just bought this and unfortunately I can't get it to work with my needs (and I'm not sure if it can).

                        I'm developing a site that has a standard header, but needs an alternate header for a set of specific pages for our annual meeting. Here's the URL for the blog page with the "standard" header : As you can see, the nav bar is NOT within the header image but below, with a full width solid background.

                        I need the meeting header to have a different background image, different logo, and different nav bar.

                        Is this achievable with your plugin?


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                          Hello Terrie,

                          This is not my plugin, I just wanted to tell people about it here.

                          You can change the header background and or color for each page with CSS.

                          Use the post id css selector.

                          To switch menus for specific pages you need something like this.



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                            Hi Robert,
                            you said in your post "I love Dynamik but changing the header from the default layout is a big pain in the rear". Why do you think that? In my opinion changing the header in Dynamik is piece of cake (of course without plugin). Perhaps you can explain a bit the struggle you're experiencing. Or possibly I understood wrong.

                            Regards, Leo


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                              You understood wrong