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WordPress page builder comparison

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  • WordPress page builder comparison

    Elegant Theme's Divi Builder
    WPBakery's Visual Composer
    FastLine Media's Beaver Builder

    Not so much about features and usage, but more about what is left behind when the plugin is not active.


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    I see your point. Thanks for visualizing it!
    (So who´s that fine looking.... ah. Got it.)


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      I fully understand your comparison, but in all fairness the same could be said about Genesis/Dynamik itself. Or how about if the client wanted to move to to standard HTML site, or Joomla.

      I think most people work with what they are familiar with. Also how versatile is the end product.

      Just this week I had a web marketing guy who gets clients and is a graphic designer, but has me build them (he's not a coder), wanted a horizontal scroll site. I showed him a demo site that I did with WordPress/Genesis/Dynamik. He sent me the design, I built it just like he wanted. But when he saw it asked why I did it in WordPress? I explained the modular concept, and WordPress is what I'm familiar with. In the past few years I have built at least a half dozen Joomla sites for him because he thinks WordPress inferior and not secure. My biggest problem with Joomla is the limited amount of quality themes and plugins.

      My question is why would you build a site with Beaver Builder, ET Divi, Visual Composer or any other page builder plugin then uninstall it?


      • SiGa
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        It´s only right and fair to look at a problem from different angles and when it comes to pagebuilders, there seem to be many angles. And you´re right with what you say about Genesis/Dynamik - if you use Genesis columns on pages/posts and you change themes, you´d have to clean up, too.
        Maybe the shortest answer to your last question would be: Because people. They tend to change their minds now and then. And: Circumstances. Plugins (even pagebuilders maybe, and frameworks - see Catalyst) do have an "end of life" now and then. And then, if possible, it´s better to have a "smaller" mess than a larger one. But that may be only me.

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      People worry way too much about this sort of thing. If I am going to rebuild a website I would just copy and paste the content into the new website.


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        As far as page builders go my favorite to work with is Beaver Builder (ease of use), 2nd favorite is Visual Composer (100s of super cool add on plugins) for speed Thrive has them all beat. The less clicking and refreshing the better. Divi is pretty cool too Elegant themes is really on the ball.
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          I would also say that Beaver Builder is the easiest to work upon. It has great environment and lesser time taking.


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            Error establishing a database connection

            My guess is that Beaver Builder crapped out!


            • Sniffle Valve
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              That must be your old Fortran/Cobol experience popping up to recognize that one! LOL ... just GoDaddy's managed WordPress having a hiccup after the WP 4.4.2 update ... carry on, nothing to see here

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            I bet we both solved our fair share of OC 7 abends and read core dumps at 2 AM trying to see where we divided by zero or didn't 'pack' a number before we did math on it!