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    New site just launched today!

    Built with Genesis, the Altitude Pro theme, and as always Genesis Extender.


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    Another slick but efficient site as always - congrats, Patrick!
    And what type are you? If I´d have to guess, I´d say you´re Type 1.


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      Thanks SiGa! I am Type 6. I have doing work with the enneagram for years and what I've discovered is that it's not so much about your behaviors, but the motivation behind them, that determines your Type. I actually thought I was a 5 - I can relate to the brooding artist in me... :-) It's really quite fascinating stuff


      • SiGa
        SiGa commented
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        Ah, Type 6? Sorry for the wrong guess... LOL A great site with interesting content. Somehow I always like your color schemes.
        The "negative Nelly" sounds familiar to me because I´m always the one to kill the fun with "No, you can´t use that pic from Google / the song you like / the text the site you like has.... You could be sued. Let´s stay safe." Doh.

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      I love, love LOVE this. I always love your work. I am preparing to create a very similar design/format for a counsellor. Any pointers?


      • Focus5Design
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        Thank you Ruthie! I just kept it simple, made sure to stay on brand, and on message. I also love working with the StudioPress theme as it gives me some parameters to work within - makes my job easier for sure! Good luck and keep us posted!