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A Genesis+Dynamik site that took 9 months to build

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  • A Genesis+Dynamik site that took 9 months to build

    My first ever Wordpress site, built using Genesis+Dynamik+Beaver Builder

    Please give me your honest feedback and opinion.

    It took 9 months because it is done part time on the weekends only, plus I am learning Wordpress and everything from scratch. I had absolutely no clue what widgets, themes, plugins etc meant 9 months ago. Thankfully my client has been the most understanding and patient all this time.

    I also spent a month on a mistake: the mistake of purchasing an off-the-shelf theme from themeforest thinking that it is all I need. I guess we do learn from our mistakes and I am so pleased to have found Dynamik in the end, it really does allow me to create anything from scratch without being restricted by a particular theme.

    A big THANK YOU to Eric, SiGa and this community for answering all my questions during this time !!

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    excellent work well done!