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Build with DWB, Types, Views, Layouts and Layouts-Genesis

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  • Build with DWB, Types, Views, Layouts and Layouts-Genesis

    Hi, this is an own website and not for a client, so I used this for a case study. I was curious, what is possible with Layouts-Genesis.
    First of all you have to build your own header and footer, as parent element for layouts. You can use Genesis elements for this (see link). And you must use a Genesis Child Theme and DWB works fine as this.You will use the functions.php and style.css of DWB.

    But for the Layout you will use Layouts. You can drag Cells up to 12 columns and fll them, you have to write own HTML. However, I have built over 70 views and 33 layouts and used own HTML and CSS for all. For every different item (posts, custom post types, archives, pages, 404-page, homepage and so on) you need an own layout. You can assign a layout to the same item type (e. g. pages, or archives): You can copy one layout and change the contents. But you can't use the default layout of DWB, since you had to built an own header and footer.

    Who expect a drag-and drop-builder like beaverbuilder or similiar will be disappointed. There are no prestyled elements. With layouts you drag and drop elements, like WYSIWYG-Editor, Views, Widgets, Search, etc. (see link above).

    My personal conclusion is: I would not use Layouts again. Probably I missed possibilities, but I don't see an advantage of using layouts. With Toolset you have also the option to build templates, where you can build the content like you want. No need for Layouts, in my opinion. Layouts is based on Bootstrap, so this stuff is all loaded with your website. And you are dependent from Layouts, the theme will not work without. I am totally happy with the other components of Toolset, it's only Layout, that did not convince me.

    I built the website and design 5 years ago with Joomla!. I have adopted most of the content and most of the Design (which is complete selfmade), changed the content part from 3 columns to 2 columns and some more design changes in the content area and now the theme is responsive.

    The website:
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    La Geek, Thank you for sharing your experiment. Very nice website. While I look at each new update, I've yet to be convinced that Layouts will save time. I got Toolset because of Views, which I really like.


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      Hello dmccan, thank you. I like Toolset too. DWB and Toolset are the best software for WordPress I have ever purchased.
      I would like to hear about the experiences of others, who used Layouts-genesis. Also of yours, once you will build a website with it


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        Well, I've done testing and these are my thoughts so far (not Genesis specific):

        * I wonder if I'm not fully understanding how it should work? I'm starting to think that it should just be used to create custom layouts for landing pages and things like that. If it did not override the theme's built-in styles and template assignments then I could see that as a plus.

        * I'm pretty lost when using it with Divi. I have a great page builder built in and am not sure how much Layouts adds to just using Types and Views. More flexibility for creating headers and footers, but if that is what I don't like then why not use a different theme?

        * Where it seems to make sense to me is if you want to forget the integrations and use it as your site building tool. Then it is more comparable to other options.

        As I said, I may not understand it. They keep working on it and making it better, so maybe I'll have a "light bulb" moment. Until then, I'll try to spend an hour or so with each new version but probably won't build a site with it.


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          Here are two videos:

          If you use a ready (child)theme all seems to be fine. But if you start to make own design, the fun begins.


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            Hi La Geek, thanks for sharing videos and your experiment. Cheers


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              Yes, thanks for the videos. I'm going to go back and watch those before my next experimentation.


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                They recently released big updates for Toolset that includes major updates to Layouts. I have the Genesis integration plugin installed. Here are some of the changes:
                • When I activate DWB then default layouts are created.
                • There are cells now for sidebar and content area that simplifies setting those up.
                • There is a "Page Builder" mode to use Layouts to layout the content area.
                It seems that I can use DWB to style content items. However, I cannot edit layout items, like fixed / fluid, sidebar positions, etc.


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                  You might want to have a look at the new Beaver Themer (an addon to Beaver Builder), the Alpha was released this week.

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                Hi La Geek,
                I tried the layout and I agree with you, the layout is not really suited to DWB, you're much better using BeaverBuilder with DWB. I use most of the other components of Toolset, CPT , views and Templates are great features.



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                  Hi, for those who are interested in the Toolset Layouts - there are severely changes with this plugin. The addon layouts-genesis is not developed anymore.

                  They keep some support for it (if it breaks with WordPress or so - bug fixes for NEW! bugs). With the integration plugin (layouts-genesis) you had to style the COMPLETE template (incl. footer, header, sidebar) and this was too complicated for development (after several update of layouts-genesis). So they made a new integration into Layouts itself and you need no extra addon/plugin and can now design the part that is called the_content(), but not header, footer, sidebar.

                  This means for me personally - this is ... not good, that's bad - really bad. There is a migration plugin, but I would have to restyle a lot of stuff new. The only positive is, that this is my hobby website and not a website for a client. I can keep layouts-genesis alive, but it does not feel good.

                  This means for you: Probably the new Layouts (without additional addons) works flawless in Genesis/DWB. I don't know. But I will not test it again