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Redesign - 1st time using Beaver Builder with Dynamik

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  • Redesign - 1st time using Beaver Builder with Dynamik


    Redesigning a home page and used Beaver Builder for the first time, used Freshly skin for the fixed header and finally got the look wanted by the client ( with a lot of help from SiGa ) Not completely sure of the design, as I say 1st time using BB and tended to come up with a different look than if just using Genesis/Dynamik. Any criticism will be welcome rather than frowned upon :-)

    Feel I will continue and redo the other pages, streamline and modify for better content once home page has been settled.

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    Looks great!


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      one problem i notice on the interior pages - recent projects, contact for example , the fixed header is hiding the page content at the top , when you disable the css - position: fixed; it shows up.


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        thanks sniffle

        good spot andytec, only getting around to look at the other pages now

        i want a fixed header, but for the meantime have disabled it for all pages except the home page

        in beaver builder i used negative margins to move the image up behind the header on the home page, this must be affecting all other pages too ?


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          Looks awesome. I think i need to try the bb alwell one time