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Showing what's possible with DWB only

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  • Showing what's possible with DWB only

    Thought i'd share this work with you. The site was created with DWB only and with minimal plugins as below -
    • Genesis eNews Extended
    • Simple Social Icons
    • Widget CSS Classes
    • Genesis – Simple Edits

    It does use some custom CSS , both within the actual design sections and also in the custom css editor. Some of this is just for the slider and the responsive menu which was added to DWB.

    All in all not too bad a job with only the settings and tools available in DWB and genesis. The front page consists of hook-boxes and we are using 'after-header' and 'before-footer' to achieve full width background rows.

    It's a recreation of the studiopress theme 'outreach pro' -

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    Very nice indeed, Andy!

    I agree too with the philosophy of less is more Good to see that no page builders were harmed in the creation of this great looking site



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      Looks very nice. Would you share the skin with us?


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        Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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          Indeed does look great! As a matter of fact, it has a very similar concept as the first skin that I'm trying to build. So I take the freedom to ask total newbee guestion : how did you achieve the spacing between the content and the right sidebar (in the content-sidebar layout)? I can't get my head around it and obviously I'm missing something. Sorry for asking something probably very basic

          I tried to add a right margin to the content, Works fine in the content-sidebar layout but it messes up other layouts.

          Thanks in advance


          Edit: just found it..... wrap > inner padding > sidebar separation

          I. new it had to be simple.......
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