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  • My first DWB site

    Dear all,

    Today I finalized the transition of our site from an older WP theme to DWB. I'm not a developer but with the help of the knowledge bases of Dynamik and Genesis I managed to get there. The transition gave me lots of instruments to finetune the layaout. Besides DWB, the layout of the site uses mainly Content Views Pro for creating the pinterest-like card views and PODS for the layout of some custom post types. You are welcome to have look and if you have any feedback, that's more than welcome!


    Informatie over en activiteiten rond polyamorie en andere vormen van ethische nonmonogamie

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    Great "first one" indeed, congrats!

    2 cents, if I´m allowed: I´m not all too convinced with the hover effects of the menu items and sub-items. But that´s me. On small mobiles, the subtitle of the site could have a bit more padding.


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      Thanks for your feedback SiGa! I added some padding to the subtitle indeed (had to make the font a bit smaller)

      Wrt hover effect: I like to keep it on the menu items (got also good feedback from users on this. It fits with the hover effect on other site items) But I agree with you for the sub-items. I still haven't figured out how to apply it only on the main menu items. This is the custom CSS I have added:

      .menu-primary li a:active, .menu-primary li a:hover {
      transform: scale(1.2);

      Any suggestion how to modify/enhance it?


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      I agree with SiGa, a very great "first one"!


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        I really like your site, Horstenj. I don't know if this is the same version as the one you posted originally or you made some adjustments and updates. Either way, it's very appealing.