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Different Headers & Primary Navigation Menus for Different Pages?

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  • Different Headers & Primary Navigation Menus for Different Pages?

    I need different pages to show different headers. I know where was an article on the old catalyst site about how to do that. But I'm not sure how to do this in dynamic website builder for Genesis. I'm still getting to grips with how to make different custom layouts. I'd really appreciate any help.

    I also need to have different primary navigation (under the header) for different pages. The homepage will have no navigation, Other pages will have different navigation menu's depending on what they are.

    I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
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    I have the very same question and also just saw the Catalyst tutorial. It would be nice if Cobalt were to create the same tutorial for using Dynamiks. Short of that, are there any advanced users of Dynamik out there who can help Donna and me?


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      For different menus on different pages, see this article:
      Got it in place on an onboard playground, works well. I´ve often had success with just googling search terms starting with "genesis" - most of the time there´s no need to wait for DWB specific tutorials as it is as well a childtheme of Genesis.

      For the header: The problem with this question is: Different header could mean anything (color, image, logo, ....?). May be something different from what donna meant (but didn´t describe), so I´d suggest you open your own thread and add a clear description what exactly should be different.
      But first you might maybe want to look into labels and conditionals (see Knowledgebase, link on top), as they´re most likely the key to what you want to do...
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        Donna / Gerhard

        Re different headers for different pages - have you found a solution yet? I raised this via support who declared it out of their scope, but by applying the principles in the Catalyst tutorial I came up with a solution which works for me. I can try to detail this if it helps - let me know.


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          Did anyone find a solution to this yet? I need a header with a different background image, different logo, and different nav menu for a specific set of pages. Trying to create a template with these items but not having much luck.


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            @Terrie: You should be able to solve this with Labels and Custom Conditionals. You could create different Headers with HookBoxes (or Templates) and tie them to specific pages with Labels. The Labels need to have a connection to their corresponding HookBoxes (or Templates). Eric Hamm explains this in depth in his developer tutorials:

            Hope this helps,


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              Thanks Leo, Yes I was able to work it out with a custom hook box for the specific pages. Thanks!


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                @Terrie: Amazing - glad that this worked out for you.


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                  I have the same quetion and I don't know how to do. Who can help me solve it ?


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                    I am currently developing bilingual site where I needed this functionality. The challenge I had was the site is over 300 page.
                    What I ended up doing was creating a French template for French pages, and using the normal page template for English pages.
                    I then swapped out the logo, and used the Secondary navigation for the second menu (French).

                    This particular site will likely be maintained by a third party so I wanted to keep it simple but allow the needed variation.

                    In some of the above scenarios this would not work effectively as the users wanted multiple variations. (three or more logos, header menus etc) In this case I would use Dynamik Labels and assign one or more hookboxes/widget areas for each variation. The additional benefit here it that it should work for both pages and post.

                    For example you could use one Label/conditional for an alternate logo, header or menu. A second label for yet another logo, header and/or menu.

                    Since type of site setup would be custom, it will involve custom programming including Custom CSS, PHP and possible jQuery.