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Images not resizing in homepage widget

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  • Images not resizing in homepage widget

    Guys I'm having a lot of problems creating image galleries or even just basic images in my homepage EZ bottom widget. I've uploaded images via the dynamik design uploader but as I make the browser smaller, they get cut off on the sides then finally stack on top of each other - except they're huge and almost entirely cut off.

    I've tried using CSS media queries etc but the images still align left no matter what I do and the transitions aren't smooth.

    My initial goal was a lightbox gallery but I've probably tried 15-20 plugins to no avail. The volunteers at WordCamp couldn't solve it. I even bought a premium plugin but I'm having the same problems and their support staff said the theme's CSS is interfering with the plugin's Javascript.

    My site is in maintenance mode so I'm not sure if there's a private way to share login info?

    I'm quite frustrated and this is holding up my launch so any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks all-

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    If you need to share login info I´d suggest you contact technical support staff right away. Put up a ticket on your My Account page, please.


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      I've uploaded images via the dynamik design uploader
      ... why? ... this could be the problem.

      Use the regular WP Media library to upload your images; they resize just fine in the EZ Bottom widget areas.

      Here is a test site with three EZ Bottom widgets; 1 and 2 are just plain old text widgets linked to their media files in the library - 1024 x 768 and 565 x 387 original and uploaded size. 3 is using the Image Widget plugin from Modern Tribe - 768 x 1024 full size selected for the image in the widget.

      Resize your browser to see that they do in fact resize quite nicely