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    When I have the Responsive Design option check on the Dynamik settings in combination with an image gallery within a post, when the visitor clicks on an image to enlarge it, they are taken to a new page where the header and side bar are present, but a blank content area. When I remove the Responsive Design mode, and the visitor clicks the image gallery thumbnail, a new page opens with just a tiny thumbnail of the image, which then needs to be clicked again to actually enlarge it. This is happening on a notebook computer. It doesn't seem to matter which type of gallery I use grid, mosaic, etc. This wasn't an issue until I implemented Dynamik, which I really love as a theme.

    Is this a WordPress, Genesis or Dynamik issue?
    Is there a fix or plugin to allow the image gallery thumbnail, once clicked, to just open up in its full width and height?

    This post has mosaic gallery that doesn't open properly
    Screen shot of the clipped image under the responsive design mode inclueded

    Fortunately, I visitor alerted me to the problem and I updated a recent post with multiple images of maps from 1865 from a gallery to just inserting the images, but that doesn't allow the visitor to enlarge the image to the full 2,000+ pixel width for research.

    Thank you...Kevin
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    A book written in 1891 describes the grave site of George Reppert, a gold miner who died in 1849 along the North Fork American River, now Folsom Lake.