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Social network for Wordpress plugin?

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  • Social network for Wordpress plugin?

    I have a client that has a large fan base and they want something more than a standard forum. I am looking to research different options for something like a self-contained social network for those fans within the site.

    I found which looks cool.

    Has anyone used this plugin or similar ones? Do you have any suggestions?
    Jason Davis
    WP Symposium turns a WordPress website into a Social Network!

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    Sorry, I don't have experiences with wpsymposium and unfortunately can't give you an answer. But I'd like to ask you, if there is any reason, why you don't use buddypress?


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      I've just never had any exposure or need to know about a social networking plugin for Wordpress. I wasn't even aware of Buddypress. Is that the big boy plugin for this type of plugins?


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        Hmmm, Buddypress looks great, though I'm having challenges getting it to work. I have Wordpress set up in a staging subdirectory, not my root domain. I read on the BP site that it won't work if you have "wordpress set up in its own directory" (is what I think they said). Since installing it on the WP installation in my root directory, could that be causing me problems? I hope I can get it working. It seems to suit my needs.


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          Of course WP has leading positions and fans all over the world, but don't you take into consideration other pltatforms for creating a social network?

          I mean just, that except WP exist lot of other good CMSs and they shouldn’t be ignored


          • SiGa
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            Well if the site already runs on WP, would you tear it all down for a different CMS just because of the membership part?
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          Hi SiGa and thanks for your feedback
          It's not about just membership part. WP is a great CMS, especially from safety provider.
          Of course there are doubts, whether it will make sence, to tear the whole site down, if it runs on WP (effective or not?).
          I just wanted to say, that for social networks are social network builders more suitable. For instanse here is an old name in new design: