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Max-Width for Widget Background Image not Cooperating

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  • Max-Width for Widget Background Image not Cooperating

    I'm working on a new site and was able to get a full-screen background image for the featured-top area but I can't get the background image for the bottom widget (above the footer) to go full-width. I've tried

    max-width: none !important;

    with several different divs and classes but I can't get the image to span full-screen

    Any ideas how to get this to work?

    Thank you!

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    Simple answer:
    The div this image / background image is in (.site-inner) is exactly 1140px wide. So the image can´t be wider, no matter what you tell it via CSS (max-width doesn´t work for background pics, btw).
    Feature Top is outside that area and a full width div in that case, that´s why it works there.

    You´d need to look out for "full width row" skins - there are free ones from CobaltApps and members (skin section) or maybe use some Dev tools to inspect what custom CSS was used to get around the problem, regarding those skins.


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      Thanks SiGa! Makes sense. I'm checking out one of the skins but haven't figured it out from there...yet. I wonder if I would be better to add widget areas like in this article.


      • SiGa
        SiGa commented
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        Sure, you can add a custom widget / custom hook before footer, for example. Still you´d have to write custom code / CSS to get it right while available skin have it all done for you. You can choose, of course.

      • eslucky
        eslucky commented
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        SiGa, I have now seen the light on using skins

        I had never tried one before but the EnterprisePro Skin had just what I needed. It was a perfect solution...thanks to you.