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  • Change widget area

    I have the centric pro theme installed, but I would like to change the Home2 widget area.

    It displays 3 featured page widgets, in 3 rows below each other. I would like to have them displayed in columns next to each other in 1 row.

    Any idea where I can change the style of this widget area or how to achieve this?

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    Are the three featured page widgets placed in the Home2 widget area.

    Thanks in advance!

    I tried using the widget css classes plugin using the column classes but that didn't do the trick.
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    Can anyone point me in the right direction!?


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      I found which elements to style altho I can’t get it right.
        .home-widgets-2 {   display: inline-flex; }
      Above code shows the featured page widgets horizontal. But I want them to look like the featured post widget.
      So the feautured page widgets should be centered in the home 2 widget area and have a width of max:
        width: 31.623931623931625%;
       .home-widgets .featuredpage .home-widgets-2 .widget .widget-wrap
      Can someone help me out with the correct css to fix this, please.
       .featuredpage {  width: 426.67px; display: inline-flex;  }
      This also shows them horizontal but still doesn’t center them and also the height is different of each page widget, The ammount of content seems to do this.
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        I googled "genesis centric pro featured widgets" and found this:

        Number 3 might help. I don´t own Centric (did you try StudioPress forum, as you bought it there?).
        To solve CSS problems, never forget to offer a URL. People who don´t have Centric installed don´t have anything to look at (and wouldn´t know fitting CSS rules it by heart).


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          I provided the link of the centric theme demo, which is the same. Also the people on the studiopress forum are not so helpfull/active for some reason, that's my opinion tho.
          I've googled alot on this but couldn't find any working solution for this case. I will provide the link to my site, really hoping for a solution.

          Thanks for your reply SiGa!


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            Allright I found some code that fixed it mostly:

            .home-widgets-2 .featuredpage {
            width: 31.6239%;
            float: left;
            margin-left: 2.5641%;
            clear: none!important;
            .home-widgets-2 .featuredpage:nth-of-type(3n+1){
            margin-left: 0;
            max-width: 1280px;
            margin-left: auto;
            margin-right: auto;
            The problem now is, that the featured page widgets are not mobile friendly but the featured posts widgets are. The featured post widgets show perfect on mobile.
            Is it possible to do the same for the featured page widgets?

            Also with the above solution, I cant change the background colour of the home-widgets-2 area anymore. The background is now shared with the home 3 widget area.
            Seems like the home 2 widget area wrap is gone or something.