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  • Layout Structure advice wanted

    Hello Folks,
    I would like to make 2 kinds of templates.

    - a one pager like:
    - a multi-pager like:

    Any tips on how to mimic the (home)page structure with DWB?


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    Hi Niels, see Junior Atoms' site for what you can do with DWB (Sampler Skin, Adam, Vertitoy).

    Also check Vertitoy thread on this forum post #71 has a download link.

    And we have the "EZ Home Page" in DWB of course, see

    Veel succes.
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      Just download and import (under Dynamik Settings/Design) the version from post #71 (

      You can find the magic under Dynamik > Custom

      The video applies to an older version and it was included in download, but unfortunately I don't have that download link.

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      I know it works that way hermie, but I hoped to read it in text, I am on my bed full of meds due to a hernia, so no live test drives today. :-) No offense!

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      Widgets yes.

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    I've watched tutorial videos from Junior before, I always learn a lot. But the videos on his website seem to be the wrong ones. They are just music videos. Bummer, because I love his vids. Junior?