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Custom CSS changes not showing when logged out

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  • Custom CSS changes not showing when logged out

    Hi all,

    I know there have been posts about similar issues before, but I'm having an issue where my layout displays absolutely fine when I am logged in to Wordpress, but as soon as I log out my layout is lost and custom CSS changes not applied.

    In particular, the two images in the centre left of the page are meant to be small and next to each other, but instead they display large and on top of one another (EZ Home Top 1). The link on the right hand side at the bottom of the conveyancing section is meant to be white text on a blue background, but displays just as a blue link. etc (EZ Home Top 2).

    To rule out the various things which might be said:

    - I have validated the CSS and it is fine
    - I do not have a caching plugin on the site at all
    - I have tried deleting my browser's cache several times
    - I have deactivated all plugins and the problem remained exactly as before
    - I have made tags more specific, so gone from class to ID etc, and it made no difference
    - I have deactivated the front end editor and saved from the backend, again no difference

    What is particularly strange is that other custom CSS is working, e.g. in custom widget at the top and EZ Fat Footer at the bottom. It's only those in the EZ Home Top 1 and 2 which are not working correctly.

    Does anyone have any ideas? This is really frustrating and I have plenty to be getting on with!

    Many thanks in advance.
    Best wishes,

    Link (development site and not finished by any means...):

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    As we can´t compare the logged-in / logged-out states by only looking at the frontend here in forum, I´d highly recommend to contact support staff with this one. Give them a login. We could only guess around which won´t really help.


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      Note usually system cache if involved is not active on login users.

      In other words if you are not logged in you may be not be seeing changes you have made. However while you are login you will see the changes immediately.


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        I'm having the same problem. I don't have caching enabled. Any ideas for resolution?