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Custom Hook Box CSS example?

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  • Custom Hook Box CSS example?

    Hi folks,
    Dynamik newbie here. Sorry if this is a really basic question.

    I've added 2 widget areas to genesis_before_header – 'utility bar left' and 'utility bar right'. I'm able to style them individually via CSS.

    What I need to do is wrap them both in a DIV and apply styling to it. (NOTE: I'm trying to reproduce this -

    From what I gather about Dynamik, I should add this div wrapper via Custom Hook Box – does that sound correct? If so, I'm a bit confused at this point. I've tried dropping in CSS, but that hasn't been working. Maybe if I saw an example of how CSS has to be entered (e.g. does it need curly braces?). Or, do I just create the DIV wrapper via Custom Hook Box and style it in my custom css area along with everything else?

    Any suggestions?


    (site is currently on localhost, otherwise I'd send a link)

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    Maybe this can get you started (three widgets, so just change that to halfs):


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      Thanks for the tip SiGa!

      I just found this older article from someone trying to do the same thing:

      I used Art's answer and was able to get it working.