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  • No sidebar in blog

    First question,

    I have created a test site, new installation and have an issue with unable to activate the primary sidebar for the "News" (Blog) page.

    I have set "no-sidebar" as default in Genesis and have selected "Right-sidebar", "Blog template" and "Primary-sidebar" on my "News" page but there is no sidebar display.

    My question is, if Genesis is set to no-sidebar as the default then I am unable to over-ride this on the blog page.

    Second question,

    On the Footer, on the LHS at the bottom, I have in very faint text, "Return to top of page". Can anyone tell me where that is coming from and how do I get rid of it.

    I have disabled all plugins and removed all Custom code with no affect.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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    There are quite a few open tags in the code, so consider doing a validation check, for example, here:
    The open tags can play havoc with the site (which is attractive, BTW).


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      Thanks BillH,
      I have been through any changes that I have added and do not understand how the errors occur or how to fix them as I cannot find them anywhere on the website.

      I have de-activated all plugins and removed all custom code and still the problem is there.

      I have re-built the website again and still the same problem. Any ideas anyone?


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        Are you working with Dynamik? Extender? Is this a skin? A childtheme? Asking because you obviously didn´t place the to-top-link yourself but to make a guess (and we couldn´t do more), additional info is needed....
        If it´s Dynamik, I´d look in Dynamik Custom - Hooks maybe (a guess, of course).
        Also some of the StudioPress childthemes had that, as far as I remember, so maybe check Genesis - Settings.

        For the sidebar problem: All we can say from frontend is that the things you tried should work, unless this is a skin/childtheme where layout options have been disabled. There are problems that just can´t be solved in forum because we can´t see your backend, so you should contact support staff via My Account page (ticket) and let them help you with that.


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          Hi SiGa,
          I am using Dynamic Website Builder as the skin. I haven't loaded any other skin and it was a clean install.

          There are no custom settings or changes apart from some CSS and I temporarily removed that with no effect.
          I removed all plugins with no effect.

          The site data came from a website I built several years ago using a theme called Phototouch from You can see the "Return to top" arrow in their demo at

          It appears that the issue may have been caused when I imported the XML file but I wouldn't have thought that would have been possible but I cannot see any other way and I don't know how to get rid of it and also get the Blog side-bar to work properly.

          The interesting thing is if I set the default Genesis sidebar to RHS sidebar, then the sidebar works on the Blog but not when I set the Genesis default to no sidebar.

          I have not tried or used any other childthemes.

          Thank you for your help. I will contact support.


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            OK, had the Settings > Reading blog page set. That overrides the individual page settings. So I set that Blog page to nothing, kept the News settings in your Genesis > Theme Settings area and your Blog Page Template selection in the News page setup.

            The back to top link is a default footer setting is Genesis. You can remove it using your Genesis Simple Edits plugin you have. Check the box to override your entire footer. Then in the code that is already there, remove the shortcode for the Back to Top link.

            I feel rather stupid now but grateful for the great support both here and Dynamic Support.