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Trouble with header menu bottom line on active

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  • Trouble with header menu bottom line on active

    Hi there everyone. I'm in trouble with my widgetized & customized menu in the header. I added a bottom line on the custom css as follows:

    .site-header .genesis-nav-menu li a:active, .site-header .genesis-nav-menu li a:hover {
    padding-bottom: 21px;
    border-bottom: 4px solid #185A59;

    well, this works just perfectly fine. but when the menu item is selected, I want the line to stay on the active menu-item, so i added:

    .site-header .genesis-nav-menu .current_page_item a, .site-header .genesis-nav-menu .current-cat a, .site-header .genesis-nav-menu .current-menu-item a {
    padding-bottom: 21px;
    border-bottom: 4px solid #f3c;

    thing is: I've got the right css class, because the menu-item shows up italic, what shows me that I'm in the right corner here, but the bottom line isn't there...

    what am I missing ?

    well, if anyone knows and could help me on this, thanks in advance!

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    We couldn´t tell without a URL - always needed for CSS help. Could be something is overwriting your rule, but not possible to tell without inspecting it with dev tools.
    Did you try !important for the border rule already? Does that work?


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      Thanks for your quick reply - actually I haven't tried yet. I'll try it first thing tomorrow morning and let you know.


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        Well, the !important rule helped, now it looks like it should - hope it will till the end! Thanks!