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EZ Feature Top bug?

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  • EZ Feature Top bug?

    I wanted to layout the title of EZ Feature Top 1.

    So I went to Dynamic Design-EZ-Feature Top EZ-Widget Areas.

    I adjusted Feature Top Widget Heading Fonts, but this doesn't change the heading.

    Is this a bug or I'm I looking in the wrong place for changing the heading of EZ Feature Top 1?

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    That could happen if your title is in the content of your widget, in case you decided NOT to use the widget title itself.
    BUT: We can´t tell as your URL is missing and we don´t see your Feature Top.


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      I didn't put in a widget title.
      Here is the url. I'm just playing around with Dynamik as it is new to me. So don't mind the mess on the site.


      • SiGa
        SiGa commented
        Editing a comment
        That´s no problem, but for problems related to styles/CSS, we´d always need a URL.

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      I didn't put in a widget title.
      And that´s the reason because the settings in Dynamik Design are styling widget titles. For Featured Page / Posts widgets there are separate settings btw. (tab "Widgets").
      But if you are using titles inside your widgets, you´ll have to use custom CSS.


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        I was trying to find the right css element with the css builder. But with the css builder I couldn't find it at first.

        I first only enabled Element selectors. And didn't know I had to select the element to be styled too.

        Anyway I discoverd that for styling the title I need to use:
        .featuredpost .post h2

        It's fun working with Dynamik. And thanks for your help to this newbie.