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Genesis Extender deactivating itself.

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  • Genesis Extender deactivating itself.

    I have a wholesale site I am working on and about once a day the Genesis extender deactivates itself and I have a lot of custom code in the so it removes backgrounds and size for the header etc.
    I have deleted and tried a re-install and thought it worked but 24 hours later it did it again and again tonight the plug-in was deactivatd. Has anyone had experience with this the plug in is up to date etc. Thank you, Susan
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    Susan, please contact support staff via your My Account page (ticket) for this, since this happens in your backend and in forum, we can´t help much with backend problems - they might have to log in.

    Anyway, plugins deactivating themselves surely isn´t normal and you should also contact your hosting regarding this (when you´re sure there´s no second person with access who could be doing this).


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      This is a SWAG (a term for your old-timers in the biz). My guess is that your host is either taking a database crash each night and then doing a reload, but using an old file that does not have the the setting for the plugin to be active. In the database there is a table called wp-options and in it is a field called active_plugins which has serialized data... meaning WP stuffs an 'array' of info into it. Everyone and their dog hates serialized data fields but the WP developers love them... not knowing how unstable they are in the MySQL infrastructure. It looks like this:

      My bet is that this table or this field is getting 'hosed' somehow.

      Maybe Extender creates some of it's own tables in the WP database and perhaps that could be an issue.

      If this was happening randomly I'd say there was a bug in the Extender code and WP will deactivate a plugin that throws an error. But since it is happening once a day, it sounds like some kind of a server maintenance issue and you would be advised to contact your host ISP about the issue to inspect the database logs. Maybe either their server or their database server has been hacked?

      Until you figure it out, I'd take all of the CSS that Extender generates (it must be in some .css file somewhere) and pop it in the style.css file (at end) for your theme (or put it in another file and use code like this to import it:

       //* Load the custom CSS file
        add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'custom_load_custom_style_sheet' );
        function custom_load_custom_style_sheet() {
        wp_enqueue_style( 'custom-stylesheet', CHILD_URL . '/custom.css', array(), PARENT_THEME_VERSION );
      OR... put this code in the Genesis Theme Setting Header box:

       <link rel='stylesheet' id='css-custom'  href='' type='text/css' media='all' />
      Let us know what you find out.



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        Im having the same issue here, did this every get resolved I googled and found a similar issue to another plugin, maybe the same functionality is happening here?

        " This was bug that has been fixed in Genesis Club Lite 1.3.
        The plugin deactivated if it did not detect the Genesis child theme - this was incorrect behavior. Now it simply does not load its features if Genesis is not present but the plugin remains activated.
        Now the only time it will deactivate itself is on plugin activation and it finds Genesis is not present."


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          Did you notice my comment #2, tyealia? If Genesis is installed properly as well as your child theme, please contact support staff to have a look for other reasons.