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Custom Widgets on another template, via shortcode

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  • Custom Widgets on another template, via shortcode

    I want to make a Custom Widget Area that I can place inside an existing template as content, rather than making a template that features it. I'm thinking I can make a shortcode for it, and place it in the content box of the page. I'm given the idea of this by a button to the right of the Conditional Tag field in the Custom Templates form on the Custom Options page, that says "do-shortcode". Does that do what I think it does? And if not, what's another approach to doing this?
    The page below has the Custom Widgets by means of its own template, which I don't want to do.

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    There's a video in the knowledge base for the 'do_shortcode' button

    Don't know if that's what you'll need , but check it out.


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      We don´t know anything about content or styling of your widgets, but using a widget shortcode in page content usually works.
      Just set up a test widget and try, there´s nothing much that could go wrong unless you use malformed PHP in that widget.