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How to generate a static EZ home page lay-out that is not listed?

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  • How to generate a static EZ home page lay-out that is not listed?

    Newbie alert!

    Hi all,
    I want to make a very simple static EZ homepage with this lay-out:

    1) Slider (inner div)
    2) 2 columns: wide left and right widget (2/3 left and 1/3 right)
    3) 3 footer widgets
    4) Home page sidebar

    I can generate everything except for #2.

    Choices in the EZ Home menulist are:
    wide left 2 -3
    wide left 2 - 3 - 3

    I just need:
    wide left 2

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Here´s the easiest way to achieve this:
    - Choose a full width (1) column where you want to have them (under the slider in this case)
    - Install this plugin:
    - Go to Appearance - Widgets and drag two widgets of your choice into the full-width widget area
    - For the first of them, you write two-thirds first into the CSS classes field the widget has now. Save.
    - For the second, you write one-third. Save.

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      Dear SiGa,

      Thank you so much for this (indeed) simple solution!
      It works like a charm.

      If Eric reads this... might be nice to have a few more options for EZ home pages.
      Best regards, Milan.
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      • SiGa
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        Glad I was able to help.

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      Thanks very much for these tips. I also used the widget CSS classes plugin to get the layout described, but I made a custom widget area instead of an EZ widget area. My only question now is: how do I apply CSS styles to these widget areas? When I enable element selectors in the CSS builder I just get this:

      .genesis-extender-widget-area {
      This seems not specific enough. How to I specifically target each new widget area?

      I'm sure that I'm missing something simple, so will keep trying, but any tips would be appreciated


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        You could also follow this tutorial/screencast by Eric if you need control over row backgrounds and modify to suit your needs:


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          I don´t own Extender but if it´s the same like in Dynamik, there is a CSS field you can use when creating a custom widget, see pic.
          You can use the Genesis column classes there, too - or your own.


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            Thanks very much for your help - I'll try those tips out. Much appreciated.


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              Thanks! Those tips really helped and I figured things out by watching the screencast. But now I have another question:

              I set up two custom widget areas, one with three widgets in a row, and one with two in a row. They are both hooked into "genesis-after-header", but the one that I need to be on top is underneath the first one. Hopefully the attached screenshot will help to clarify (I'm on my local desktop server).

              I have populated the widgets with calendars and made the widget rows different colors just to try and show things more clearly. How can I move the custom pink widget area that I have created and have it appear between the header and the custom grey widget area?

              Many thanks
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                It's OK - I worked it out. I just had to change the priority number of the hook box that I wanted to appear first from 10 to 9.

                More details are here for anyone who is interested:


                Thanks again - this exercise has been very valuable
                The Custom Hook Box option makes it not only super easy to create an unlimited number of Custom Hook Boxes, but then dic...


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                  Sorry to bump an older thread, but many of the links in this thread do not work (for example thanks!


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                    The docs have been ported meanwhile - just hover over the link, read the title, go to Dynamik Docs and enter a similar title and you will find it.