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Responsive sidebar widgets side by side

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  • Responsive sidebar widgets side by side

    I'm working on the responsiveness of the sidebar of the EZ homepage. What I want to achieve is that the sidebar widgets are not stacked, but side by side under the content.

    I added a Tablet Landscape Specific @media query (2nd):
    #ez-home-sidebar-wrap {
    width: 48.717948717948715%;
    max-width: 48.717948717948715%;

    But this is not good enough. See this testlink:

    Any suggestions?

  • #2
    Not sure there is an easy solution to this.

    You could add this to have two columns. (Add it to Responsive CSS)

    .sidebar.widget-area .widget {
    float: left;
    width: 50%;

    However this has several problems.
    1. Widget heights are different. And still not spaced correctly.
    2. Widgets will float left and look bad.


    • aski
      aski commented
      Editing a comment
      Ah thanks.

      Hoped this was possible. So know I have to remember to keep the widgets in pairs with same height and find something to center align the widgets. Luckily the image widget I plan to use can align the images.