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    I am getting into a real muddle with Dynamik widths. I designed my site in an 1170px 12col bootstrap grid. In theory I should have the following content areas;

    Full width: 1170px
    Content plus, primary sidebar: 870px content with 270px sidebar, margin right on content being 30px.
    Content plus, primary sidebar, secondary sidebar: 670px content with 270px sidebar and 170px secondary sidebar, margin right on content and secondary sidebar being 30px.

    I think the issue is because you can not add margin right with the default settings of Dynamik, so the site-inner is always 1140 and not 1170. If I add margin-right to .content this forces the primary sidebar below the content. Probably due to the content area only being 1140px.

    Can anyone suggest a way around this please?
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    Unfortunately nothing to look at (pics, URL)...
    Do you use the settings in Dynamik Design - Widths (can you share a screenshot?) or are you trying to use Custom CSS? Did you implement a Bootstrap CSS file?


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      URL is at the bottom of the post.

      Yes using Dynamik Setting, Widths.

      I have not implemented a Bootstrap CSS file, I am just trying to replicate the grid structure.


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        URL wasn´t yet there when I commented.

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      Dynamik Design - Wrap - Inner Padding - Sidebar Separation - 20 px? The widths will usually add a summary of paddings...
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        I thought I had worked this out now. So instead of adding margin, I have added padding to content wrap padding on the right, 30px. This works great on pages with a primary nav. However, a full width page is obviously now 1200 due to the above.

        Close, but no cigar!


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          Perfect! I have never noticed the sidebar separation hidden (probably not hidden at all!), within wrap. Seeing that earlier would have saved a huge amount of time!!!!

          Nevermind, thanks, as always for the help