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Problem with hover background on sub-menu items

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  • Problem with hover background on sub-menu items

    Hi. I have styled the main nav bar on this website such that the main background is #79A4B4 and all the page backgrounds are transparent but have a background image bottom centre that is an arrow on the current page and hover page styled using custom CSS
    .menu-primary .current-menu-item, .menu-primary .menu-item a:hover {
    background: url(images/nav-pointer.jpg) bottom center no-repeat;
    In the Dynamik Design nav bar settings I have made the sub-page background and sub-page hover background white #FFFFFF with no image. However, I found if I hovered over Our Services in the main menu and then over a sub menu page, the background was transparent, and the background image was showing on the larger submenu page titles. I tried adding this CSS which got rid of the background image but hasn't made any difference to the color of the dropdown on hover:
    .menu-primary li li a, .menu-primary li li a:link, .menu-primary li li a:visited .menu-primary li li a:hover {
    background-color: #FFFFFF!important;
    background-image: none!important;

    Please can you help?

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    It's OK, I've resolved it! As I clicked on Post I noticed a typo in the code