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  • WordPress Template vs Page template

    The WordPress Templates get wiped out during a DWB update, but I find that I can’t do certain things like remove a "post title” when using a Page Template.

    For example, using the following will only work in a WordPress Template, but has no effect in a Page Template...

    remove_action( 'genesis_entry_header', 'genesis_post_info', 12 );
    remove_action( 'genesis_entry_footer', 'genesis_post_meta' );

    Page Templates obviously have some limitations… Is anyone aware of a workaround besides using a plugin?

    Thanks for you help

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    Does this help?


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      On normal single installations, I never got any templates wiped out (this folder won´t get overwritten during update via dashboard usually) - but we don´t know anything about your setup... Also I don´t know about such limitations regarding code snippets unless you try to remove something using HTML5 snippets while the design is XHTML or vice versa, just for example.

      I would suggest you let support staff have a look what´s different on your setup (ticket).
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        SiGa is correct on this , wordpress templates that have been created in the DWB interface don't get wiped in an update , they will only get wiped if you added them directly via FTP or a file manager. Also , i don't think those remove actions will apply to a 'page' , as pages don't have post info or meta ?