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  • Page layout problem

    Something rather odd has happened to one of the pages on my site, when I added genesis column classes to the main body of the page. For some reason, the sidebars have dropped to below the main content (but sitll appear on the right hand side of the page rather than centered) and all links below the main content have turned blue. I'm sure there's an error in my code somewhere, but I can't find it! If anyone has a spare moment to take a quick look, it would be much appreciated.

    The page in question is here:

    Here's the original before editing with the sidebars in the correct place:


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    I have managed to solve this now - I had to take it all out and put it back bit by bit. Still not sure where the error was exactly but at least it's fixed.


    • SiGa
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      Editing a comment
      Most likely an open HTML tag somewhere. Fastest way to check that is to validate the HTML with an online validator (there are browser addons, too). That will give you the needed hints to find and close it.