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  • EZ Widget Home Page Question

    Hey, I'm guessing that if I wanted to create a home page similar to any of these, that I would need to enable and use the Static Homepage EZ Widget Areas, is that correct? The main feature I'm looking for is either a large background image with the ability to add text and links or the large image with embeded content areas, such as the cobalt one that has a video on the left and features on the right.

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    You can either use the EZ Feature Top coming with Dynamik (which would be sufficient for only this) or combine Dynamik with a pagebuilder (like Beaver Builder or Elementor, there are free versions to begin with) if you need more flexibility.

    Have a look at the demo site of my free skin to see what you can do with Feature Top:


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      Wow, that's an awesome skin! Downloading . . . Right . . . Now . . . Thanks! This works fantastic for what I wanted to do. Obviously I'll want to personalize some but absolutely fantastic work!


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        Thanks much.
        Be sure to read all the Docs on the site carefully, because this is obviously not the "easiest" skin to start with (it´s free and not supported therefor).

        See here for more of my tutorials and skins and related threads in this forum:


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          Thanks, I will!