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Rearrange columns on mobile?

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  • Rearrange columns on mobile?

    The client wants a left-hand sidebar and the rest of the home page to take up the right-hand two-thirds of the page.

    I put in a static homepage sidebar (Homepage EZ-Widget Area Extras) and Static Homepage EZ-Widget Areas of EZ Home 1 2. So far, so good.

    But when the page goes to mobile, the right-hand side of the page comes up to the top, and they want the left-hand sidebar to be there.

    How do I get the stacking order to reverse?

    Here's the page I'm working on:


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    Hm..... I know that you can unhook primary and secondary sidebar and hook them back in using a different hook location. Never tried it with EZ sidebar though (because I hardly ever use it). You might want to file a ticket and ask support.


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      I believe that is the normal behavior of sidebar, it falls below the content area.

      Can you not use a layout that is 2 wide Right layout?
      Such as EZ Featured Top Wide Right 2


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        This works if you're using the EZ home sidebar layout -

        Place this in custom functions

        //* show EZ-home sidebar above the content when going responsive
        remove_action( 'dynamik_hook_home', 'ez_home' );
        add_action( 'dynamik_hook_home', 'ez_home_sidebar' );
        add_action( 'dynamik_hook_home', 'ez_home' );

        Taken from Here -

        For standard genesis layouts code here - The below also works for Extender with the 'Extender Static Homepage' activated and 'content-columns' selected
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          Perfect solution, andytc. Thanks so much.