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  • Customise genesis featured post widget

    Hi I am trying to customer the genesis showcase pro theme.

    Under the hero section I want to display 3-4 recent blog posts as left align image with title, info and excerpt to the right of the image as wireframed here:

    I've tried using the genesis featured post widget but it has limited settings non of which control what i need. And when I add it is placing all of the content below each other. i.e image first then title underneath it the info and excerpt underneath that and its placing the whole post way over ot the left hand side. I don't get it. Sure if there is only one post it would fit it to the full width of the widget!

    Anyone any ideas of how to fix it or how I can create what i need which seems really simple yet impossible to do???

    My site is

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    As I can´t see that problem on the frontpage you linked to, could you maybe showcase that somewhere on your site and provide a link or make some screenshots of your settings in the widget and the output?

    That should definately be possible but if we don´t have the "live" sample to digg the involved CSS, it´s hard to say what might be causing the problems.


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      Ooohhh.... I just noticed your childtheme after writing the comment above. It´s Showcase Pro (don´t forget to mention in your threads).

      ln Showcase Pro, that area you mentioned is a flexible widget area.
      The layout of this widget area is dynamic to the number of widgets you have activated. The first widget is always full width and the widths of the consecutive widgets will adapt depending on how many widgets are activated. For instance, there are 4 Text widgets in the Showcase Pro Demo, the first has the title, and the following three widgets adapt to a three-column layout.

      So that´s what´s happening, and your problem isn´t related to the Featured Posts widget itself actually. If you wanted to change that area to a "normal" widget area, you´d actually better seek help in StudioPress forum, where you got the childtheme. Maybe somebody has asked that before.
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        is it not possible to add your own widget area with extender ?


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          Surely possible. Just keep in mind what the flexible widget area does with any of your widgets (as soon as you add more than one) if you still use it.