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DWB breaks new WooCom 3.x?

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  • DWB breaks new WooCom 3.x?

    In the previous version of WooCommerce when we wanted to enlarge a product pix on the product page we got a pop-up light-box. Now we get a new page (but not in a new window or tab.) I don't know if that is a 'feature' of 3.x or if there is a DWB issue with the Woo plugin. (Yes, I have the Woo-Gen Connect plugin activated.) Anyone know anything about this?


    You have to add the following to functions.php (Dynamik Custom)

    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'yourtheme_setup' );

    function yourtheme_setup() {
    add_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-zoom' );
    add_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-lightbox' );
    add_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-slider' );
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    Thanks for the heads-up, dev77, and the code. How did you find the answer? I've warned my customers not to update Woo yet, so haven't experienced this issue, but I did read in the list of Woo changes that they know folks liked the lightbox and they decided to keep it in their software.


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      I saw this on a client site today. My guest is we will need to do a site restore.

      I would NEVER recommend updating a major WC release such WC 3.0 until at least 4-5 minor releases have been made. So in this case maybe WC 3.0.5
      That plus I would NEVER


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        I added that code above on a test site today and it's interesting that it didn't fully restore the old lightbox functionality. That is, the old lightbox opened the product image surrounded with a wide, white border and a big obvious X in the upper right, with any detail images lined up to click on at the bottom. This was in Firefox. Today, after adding the code above on my test site, it now will open the main product image on a black screen by itself, with the X way up in the upper right, no white border, no real lightbox effect, no detail shots available right there. Argh. Their major release is maddening because I *just* finished a huge Woo site and my new-ish customer is not wanting to hear my warnings about not upgrading, after she made the plunge to start an online shop and heard about how great Woo is... And it is... I just think they really have alot of issues going on now.


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          I found that the rating-stars did not show on the product page so that someone could review and rate the product. I also found that on the Recently Reviewed widget (that comes with Woo) was broken by DWB because the name (which area also links, are white. Here is some CSS that will fix it.

          .woocommerce-loop-product__title {
              color: #ab1840;
          .comment-content a, .comment-content a:visited, #comments .navigation a, #comments .navigation a:visited, #respond a, #respond a:visited {
              color: #a80d37;
              text-decoration: none;
          My best advice is the advice given above... don't upgrade to this poorly tested new version of Woo for a month or so. I'm sorry I did but I had to as we are rolling out a new offering to clients... doing shop-cart sites.

          However in my evaluation, given that there are s zillion points of failure using WP with DWB with a skin with Woo I'm somewhat tempted to partner with Shopify or one of the large SaaS hosts. Of course that will cost the client an extra monthly fee. If we just create a new shopping site in WP with the above mentioned tooling and then linking it to their original site (plain old menu link) it will save them about $30 a month. But Shopify has lots more features than Woo as well as excellent support.

          This evaluation is still a work in progress.

          Tell me. What site do you like better:



          Shopify (password is brewgh if needed):


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            Any updates on DWB + WC 3.xx ?

            I did it on our testsite:

            - Some of the added CSS in DWB has no effect any longer.
            - The new gallery's slider is broken. (Above code inserted & Zoom works).

            Any advise would be appreciated.


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              Sogwap :-)


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                I've been 'away' from DWP and Genesis and Wordpress... the partners voted to NOT create our own carts with WP and Woo but instead to throw in with Shopify and create client carts with that platform. See if interested in what we are doing. I can't believe that Woo has not put out an update that fixes the problem. Now that Automatic (WordPress) owns them perhaps they are re-writing the entire Woo codebase and plan to bring out a whole new version?