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Feature Top EZ Widget areas and custom navigation

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  • Feature Top EZ Widget areas and custom navigation

    Hello all

    This is my first time using Dynamik, although I am familiar with Genesis and have used Genesis Extender once before.

    What I am trying to do is position a div containing text and a full-width background image in between two nav areas on the home page and to partially extend behind the site header. I have attached an example image.

    I had this working by using the Feature Top EZ widget area for the full width div and then I added a third menu location that I hooked into the 'dynamik_hook_before_ez_home' position. But, of course, this gives me the problem of this navigation not showing on any other pages.

    I wondered if I would be able to achieve what I am after by moving the Feature top widget area to the 'genesis_header' location and, if so, how this might be done?

    I am open to any other suggestions to achieve my aim.

    I have started with the Freshly skin, if that helps.

    Front end password: Dynamik123

    Very grateful for any help.
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    I think my free skin Amare would fit your needs or be a good start for edits (it´s based on Freshly). See here:


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      Thank you SiGa, that does look like it would fit the bill and I may well give it a try

      However It would be a very useful learning excercise it would be possible to achieve it by making the customisations myself


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        I would suggest to download the skin, open the skin files (CSS, JS, PHP) and inspect and transfer the snippets you want to use to your installation then. I commented the code which should help with learning.
        In the PHP/functions file of the skin you´ll see how I moved the elements (feature top, menu) to achieve what you see.