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  • Remove Navigation Bar on EZ Homepage

    I've been watching loads of videos on using the EZ Homepage and CSS builder tool. Is there any "EZ" way to remove the primary navbar on the EZ homepage? I have EZ Hompeage widgets with mages that links to the main pages, so the primary navbar is just in the way there.

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    Something like this in Dynamik Custom - Functions (or your skin PHP file) should work (alternatively try is_home conditional). Depends very much on where your primary nav is placed.

    Google search term I used: "remove primary nav on frontpage genesis".


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      Thanks. I'll check it out. I always use "dynamik" in search term instead of "genesis". So nothing came up.


      • SiGa
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        I always use Genesis in my search terms for general topics - as Dynamik is a Genesis childtheme, everything true for Genesis is true for Dynamik, too. And there are thousands of Genesis tuts, so chances to find something are much higher.

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      Added it to end of functions. Didn't work. Broke the site. Must be operator error on my part.

      "is_front_page" is correct, though, because that's the same conditional I'm using for custom widgets.


      • SiGa
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        Can´t help much unfortunately as I don´t know the rest of the file (or anything else about your setup)... Try some other of the search results maybe and if you don´t get this working, you might want to contact support staff.

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      GoldBiz - here is a really easy and safe way to accomplish what you want:

      - install and activate the Simple CSS plugin
      - what it does, among other things, is add a CSS entry area (meta box) on every page and post where you can enter CSS that will affect that page or post only
      - on your home page, where you do not want the navigation to appear, enter this CSS and Update:

      .menu-primary {display: none;}


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        Try adding something like to the Dynamik Custom Functions

        if ( is_front_page() ) {
        // Remove primary navigation
        remove_action( 'genesis_after_header','dynamik_mobile_nav_1', 9 ) ;
        remove_action( 'genesis_after_header','genesis_do_nav' ) ;
        remove_action( 'genesis_after_header','dynamik_dropdown_nav_1' ) ;