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responsive submenus - last item submenu cuts off

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  • responsive submenus - last item submenu cuts off

    hi all–

    looking for some advice with smaller screen sizes and maintaining the legibility of my submenus. my site switches to the responsive menu at 950px but from 1200–950px the last menu item's submenu is getting cut off. is this a common thing, and if so, what do folks do about it? is there a way to switch the dropdown submenus to go from the right instead of the left of the parent item?

    any advice is appreciated.
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    Yes, common problem, not only in Genesis. Via Google, I found this (sample for centering, maybe sufficient), which might need some editing to suit Dynamik, but might be a start to work out the custom CSS needed.

    Easiest "solution" for this is usually to avoid the last menu item having a submenu (I often use Contact there), but that isn´t always possible.
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      thanks siga! i was able to modify the snippet for just that one menu item at different screen sizes—and in the future, im definitely going to try and avoid submenus on that last item.