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3 areas of stuff crammed into a responsive header?

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  • 3 areas of stuff crammed into a responsive header?

    I have a client who wants 3 items in his site header. On the left is the standard header title, in the middle is a centered block of text of 6 lines giving his contact email and phone numbers, etc. and on the right is his headshot photo.

    I have tried to talk him out of doing this, but it's what he wants. How do I put all of these across a header (first off) lining them up the right way when it's full screen AND (second off) how do I keep them looking normal at less than a full-width screen (while keeping the site responsive)?

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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    You put text and pic both in Header Right widget area and use custom classes and CSS to position them as well as media queries to make them behave for mobiles.

    Or you search for “triple header“ using the search form top right and edit the code you'll find to meet your needs.