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Can't pass Why No Padlock - Dynamik Builder calling an insecure link?

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  • Can't pass Why No Padlock - Dynamik Builder calling an insecure link?

    I've looked all over trying to find a solution to this. Maybe someone here has come across it.

    I've got SSL set up and working but I can't get the green padlock icon in a browser that says your site's fully secure. is a pretty useful tool, BTW.

    I've worked through the insecure image links it's found. Had to go into the database to track a few down but now I have one left that has something to do with Dynamik and I can't find where it's coming from.The link is:

    I't must be coming from the Dynamik theme itself. I've looked through the code and can't find it anywhere obvious. I've been working at this all day and I'm out of Ideas.

    Anyone have a clue?
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    Can we have a URL to the page it is on, is it visible? Dynamik itself does not come with that by default, but it looks like an affiliate pic. Did you check Dynamik - Settings for affiliate code already?

    Edit: Or maybe you did something like this at some point?
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      Thanks SiGa. That got me on track. It was an old affiliate link with code that had stopped working. Found it in an overlooked hook box.


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        Glad you found it.