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Custom Widget Area Padding Unresponsive?

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  • Custom Widget Area Padding Unresponsive?


    Bellow is the css of the widget area i am attempting to duplicate using a custom widget area.

    #ez-home-bottom-container {
    background: #62EE82 url(../../theme/images) top center no-repeat;
    background-size: cover;
    background-attachment: fixed;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 60px 20px;x;

    Going into Dynamik Design and attempting to change the padding under custom widget areas to match the padding listed above result in no change in padding? no matter what inputs are entered into any of the four boxes "Top" "Right" "Bottom" or "Left" the padding remains fixed as it is?

    Anyone know what might be up going on here?

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    Perhaps finding a way to allow the custom widget to "center the text" like the EZ Widgets will solve this problem.
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    • SiGa
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      You can do that any time by using custom CSS (covering all widgets) or inline CSS (for small portions of text in a widget). Or a plugin with extended features for the widgets. Dynamik got myriads of settings but they can´t cover all the custom stuff you could possibly do using Dynamik....

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    Can you please provide a URL to the page in question and some screenshots of your backend as we can´t see or inspect the problem otherwise? Is there any caching plugin in use probably?


    • #4 , it's the widget second to the bottom. no caching plugin as far as i'm aware.
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        Well the padding in the pic is set to 0 and -20px....
        The padding setting there is for the spacing INSIDE of each widget area, but not outer spacing, in case you wanted to change that.

        I think it might be easier for you with this solution (that requires no custom widgets):

        For a solution with Custom Widgets and a wrapper div, read this thread:

        Or, if you plan to add more content, I would suggest you probably consider to use a pagebuilder instead of EZ static home - there are free basic versions of Beaver Builder and Elementor.
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          Ok, is there a setting for the outer spacing?

          attempted using the plugin, using one-third on each of the widget areas.. problem i've jumped into is on the last widget area it just sits on top of the second column, rather then creating a third column?

          Going to download and give that skin a go now, looks much more what i'm after then the enterprise one.. thanks.
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          • SiGa
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            No, there is no setting - you'll have to use custom CSS.
            The column classes need to be one-third first, one-third, one-third.

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          Thanks, the one-third first, one-third, one-third solved that issue.

          The three columns are aligned now, but still out of place in comparison to the other two widgets, adjusting the values in the "left" and "right" section of the custom widget doesn't seem to be changing anything?

          Values that need replicating are padding: 60px 20px; , presume it should be straight forward as to entering those into the padding area of the custom widget section?
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            solved ))