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  • Page Builder Template Issue

    I'm using DWB plus Beaver Builder and the Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Plugin.

    All works fine, except that when I set the template option to Page Builder within DWB options for my Home Page, it stops the Wordpress Popular Posts plugin working. It won't let me load a WPP widget into the page builder at all, I just get a swirling circle.

    Has anyone experienced and/or solved this issue before? I've spoken to Hector Cabrera who built the plugin and he is going to take a look, but I thought if someone else had already experienced this it might save him time.

    Thank you!

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    Did you check for script errors? Is debug mode on? Did you do the plugin test? Any caching plugin in the game, Beaver cache purged?
    There isn't much we could tell with only that pic...


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      Hi there,

      Just to update you that after a couple of attempts Hector (who created the Wordpress popular posts plugin) has cracked it and it is now working. He has updated the plugin so anyone who has the latest version should find it now works fine. I'm afraid I don't know how he fixed it, only that it now works. He did say that if they change the way the page builder template works it may stop working again, but hopefully that won't happen.

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