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different margins etc on front page and on single post. How?

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  • different margins etc on front page and on single post. How?

    Hey, I have som difficulties setting the margins differently on the front page and on the display of single post. I am usually able to identify the right selectors through trial-and-error and the chrome inspector tools, but I cant seem to finde the right ones for styling the display of single posts and of the post (excerpts) listing on the front page. The relevant selectors seems to be .post, entry, .content and .entry-content, but they all seem to affect both the one and trhe other page. I am using Dynamik, and inside that there seems to be no possibility of setting, say the margins differently.

    What I have is a content-sidebar-design on the front-page, and what I want is to have thgger the single post displayed on a page in full width with large margins and no sidebar. I have yet to find a way to force WP to automatically display single posts in full width. But for the moment I will stay with the selector issue (if thats what it is).

    How do I produce the result I want?

    BW, L

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    If you only want to address the frontpage use the body class “home“ in front of your selector. Sample:

    .home .your-selector { ... }