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  • Dynamik Nav Bar Responsive


    I'm trying to get a logo to appear in the nav bar, the only way i have found so far is to change the "main background" option in the nav section of dynamik design.

    this is fine, however, it's not responsive, i am wondering if this any css i can enter into the responsive part of dynamik design to make the logo responsive? Logo is 300x150.


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    There is a Logo option in Dynamik Design - Header. The article is in the Dynamik Docs:

    There is also an article with video on how to make that logo image responsive:

    (You´ll find a whole list of useful Docs and threads if you type "logo" in the searchfield on the Docs page or in the search field on top right here in forum).


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      Yes, but I'm trying to get it actually inside the nav bar. when i change the header and logo options, it always goes underneath the nav.

      The website you designed recently for Richart is a good example of what i'm trying to achieve with where the logo is located.


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        That is exactly the standard place of the logo. Header, left side. The nav bar in the header is usually on the right side. If they interfere, one of both is too large probably.
        Would be easier to get what the problem is if you provided a link... and/or screenshots.