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Custom Logo Display Size Control CSS Code?

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  • Custom Logo Display Size Control CSS Code?

    In the interest of speed, when I first started in on my daughters web site I just took the 2000 by 2000 pixel, transparent PNG file that a graphic designer had created, resized it to 56 by 56 pixels in Fireworks, saved it and uploaded it to her site. As expected, it was kind of blurry as a result.

    Now that I have returned to address the blurry logo... and come to understand retina displays issues... I see the need to be able to upload a larger (higher pixels) logo then control its display size with code. Of course, the retina issue can already be handled automatically in Dynamik.

    So, my daughter's logo is displayed on the upper left of her site and is being accessed under Dynamik Design, Header. My question is, is there some CCS code that I an add to the Custom CSS area that will allow me to control/adjust the display size? I thought I'd create a new logo file size on the order of 110 by 110 pixels then control the display with code.

    If you are using anything except a smart phone sized device in portrait position, you can see her logo at here.


    - Andy
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    If the possibility to upload a bigger image in Dynamik Design (to be used as retina logo) is not enough, I´d suggest to get in contact with support via ticket. We discussed the SVG logo topic a few times here in forum (sample: and I´m not sure if there are any plans to include the SVG feature in Dynamik anytime soon.
    Better ask the dev himself.


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      Ok, thanks SiGa.