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  • Centering Logo Image

    I know this has been discussed, but I can't seem to gain much from the previous discussions.
    I have a logo image centered in my header. I'd like to make my page width wider, but when I do, the header image is no longer centered relative to the page.
    Current live page is
    Current test page is

    Also worth noting (would like to change) If the browser window is reduced the image also falls off center, and the margin between the header image and the content gets huge.
    See pictures
    Falls off center & margin opens up huge when viewed in a smaller browser size Falls off center when page width is extended to 800px AS it stands now on current site.  Main page width set to 600px

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    The test page is not accessible....

    The problem on the live stage is that the title area has been given a fixed width (which something that needs to be responsive can´t have as it won´t respond to screensize-changes).
    The div with the class "website" has a top padding of 235px and obviously no media query that changes this when the screensize gets smaller.


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      Your note about fixed width issue mostly makes sense mostly. I'm having trouble finding the place to manipulate that.

      I experimented with adjusting the padding on the 'website' div, but then it just got shoved up under the horse logo. Again, I don't know where to find (or add) the media query to adjust that.

      Not sure that the staging site will reveal anything terribly different. It's password protected since that's what I was advised to do to keep it from being indexed.
      If there is any value in looking at the staging site, I set up an account on it for users on this forum:
      User: cobaltcommunity

      p/w: C0b@lt_Commu1ty


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        Your fixed width is probably custom CSS but I couldn´t really tell from frontend and you didn´t mention the product you are working with. And we are members here in community forum and usually we don´t log in to troubleshoot sites....

        It might be a good idea to get in contact with support team via ticket from your "My Account" page if you´re not sure where to set what and if you need some guidance for the product you are using but please note that they usually won´t provide you with individual customizations (like custom CSS for that individual site).