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Box on the content and Sidebar on the bottom

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  • Box on the content and Sidebar on the bottom


    I have the same issue in all my webs, and you can see a example, here:

    Grey Box: On the image background. there is a GreyBox and i dont know why. How can I remove it?

    Sidebar: On the post page, the sidebar is on the bottom, but if you check the blog page (, everything is Ok! The issue is just when I'm not logged, because logged i can see everithing ok. Any suggestions?

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    Can you please offer a screenshot and some info about OS and browser where this is happening? I don´t see this when I visit your frontpage.

    For troubleshooting a state "only when logged in, it happens", you´d have to contact support team via your My Account page and let them have a look at your backend, because obviously when community visits that page and is not logged in, we don´t see the issue. I would guess it´s a plugin which is probably adding CSS in that state, but couldn´t really tell.


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      Sorry, is true :-)

      The problem is when i'm not logged :-) but I attach a screenshot


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        I looked at it in Chrome and I do not see those problems, sorry. Can´t find that grey box and the sidebar is in place.

        What I see though is that you use a caching plugin (Rocket) - be sure to clear the cache.


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          Yes, I have Rocket and everything is clean

          So, you really see this post properly So, strange! :-)



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            Oh, so now I finally see that grey box.

            I couldn´t tell where it comes from but I see HTML problems there which might explain the sidebar being forced down.
            Use an online validator and digg through the problems being shown there, it might solve the mystic grey box problem, too.


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              Perfect, I'm gonna check.



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                Ok, finally was the WP Rocket

                Just I've uncheck the option LazyLoad - iframes & video and clean the cache

                Thanks for the support!