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    Hi, I can really use some advice..!!
    On my homepage, I want
    -a right sidebar....that's going ok.
    -a slider at top of content and inside right sidebar... I know how to do that.
    What I don't understand is the best way to put some content..... 2 post or page excerpts under the slider on the homepage which I want to be able to update. If I really fiddle around I can manage something although its not very polished , but surely there's an easier way??? I've tried the EZ home, and the blog home page....but I don't understand how to connect my posts to homepage content...
    As I said I'm sure there's an easy way but my head is spinning from reading documents all day about sliders, and galleries, and dynamik theme cheat sheet.

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    A sample of what exactly you want it to look like would help, a URL to your site also.
    Did you have a look at the Dynamik Docs and the EZ Homepage widget areas already? Link is on top and search term "EZ homepage".