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  • Utility Bar Widget Placement

    How can I create space between two widgets in the utility bar? Here is the CSS for that area:

    .utility-bar .dynamik-widget-area,
    .utility-bar .dynamik-widget-area p,
    .utility-bar .dynamik-widget-area ul li,
    .utility-bar .dynamik-widget-area.entry-content ol li{
    color: #ddd!important;
    display: flex;
    justify-content: flex-end;

    Currently I'm using display:flex; with justify-content: flex-end; to get it on one line. But there is no space between the "Login / Register" and the Shopping Cart. See attached image or the website >

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    Use the classes of the icons to add some padding left and right to some of them maybe. That Shopping cart icon got a class of "wpmenucart-icon-shopping-cart-1", for example.
    (By the way, this is the old forum. You might want to head over to the new one)


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      Thanks SiGa, adding padding to left of the cart did the trick. Simple :-)

      I've only tried posting to the new forum twice. The first time the message got posted in a couple of days, but the last time my message was never posted. I guess due to being a new user in that forum, my posts have to be ok'd by a moderator. I'll give it try though for my next question.


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        I know this problem from our vBulletin forum here - often it´s just a simple hicup of the software when that happens. Sometimes it´s links causing this, when the Spam algorithm is kicking in.

        Anyway, if that happens or if you don´t get an answer in forum (which is community driven, so that can happen), just get in contact with support staff from your "My Account" page, that will reach them directly.
        This forum here is pretty much just an archive now.