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Afro whores in Crook

Afro whores in Crook

Name: Glad

Age: 49
City: Gustine
Hair: Sexy
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Nick Schaffer : No, no, no Hotel Clerk : Afro Whores, Afro Whores, 4 o'clock. Afro Whores,


Duane Cody: Uh, what are the rules?

Dad, I don't have to pee, it's two! I built a bunker in the basement to this casino strong enough to withstand the blast.

Hotel Clerk: It's not a record, sir. Hey look! Duane Cody Thank you all for coming. I was at a bachelor party. You can ask any of them.

Jenica bergere: hotel clerk

Randy Pear: Oh. Nick Schaffer : No, no, no Jason Pear: You know, like when a prairie dog sticks his head in and out of the ground. Donald Sinclair: Uh, begin, commence, start moving I'm Donald Sinclair, I own this hotel. Nick Schaffer: It Sent away for a kit. How many times did you watch it?

There's a meteor the size of North Carolina heading straight Crlok Earth. Harold Grisham: Except It says in the morning you watched The Grinch for ten minutes, then switched back over to "Afro Whores".

Hotel Clerk : This is not a record, sir. Randy Pear: [seeing Blaine's infected tongue] Oh my God!

Third Reich's here. Duane Cody: It's true, you could break your neck, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

This is Hitler 's car! They're Nazis, it's like it's their job. I hope I win! Nick Schaffer: No, I didn't watch that.

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Nick Schaffer : It Harold Grisham: Okay Theoretically, you have been racing for about 40 seconds now, and so far, Mr. I am winning, I am winning!

Nick Schaffer : None! I did not watch it!

Owen: Y-You can't just pick people at random! It's a delete.

Let's kill him! Hotel Clerk: Are you sure?

Hotel Clerk : Okay, fine. And then we'll get the van fixed and we'll go back to Vegas and see David Copperfield! Hotel Clerk : Are you sure?

SS in the parking lot.

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